While our Northern friends are still dealing with snow (ew!), here in the South, it is “Pollen Season”. While pollen technically isn’t “dangerous”, it can cause sneezing and breathing problems for those of us with allergies. When pollen settles on any (and every) surface, it stubbornly stays there until wind or rain removes it. For car owners, though, leaving pollen in place is not just unsightly – it could also damage the paint. Here are Maggie’s tips for surviving pollen season.

Park your car in a garage to minimize exposure to pollen as well as insects, tree sap and other damaging debris. If you don’t have a garage, keep your windows rolled up, so pollen doesn’t get inside the vehicle and seep into your upholstery. Protect the paint by giving your car a weekly bath, either at home or at your local car wash. Have your mechanic check your air filters and change them, if needed, to keep pollen out of both the cabin and the engine. And keep some tissues in the glove box, just in case. Aaaachew!