Odyssey Battery

The average car battery typically lasts three to five years, often less in you live in an area with more extreme temperatures. Batteries don’t like the cold. You may notice that your car is more reluctant to start on cold mornings. (Who isn’t?) Now is a great time to get your battery tested, if you have not replaced it recently. If the test shows that your battery is nearly the end of its life, consider upgrading to a higher quality, longer lasting battery.

Odyssey BatteryMy personal favorite is Odyssey Battery. Odyssey batteries have a different design and construction than “normal” car batteries that allow them to last longer, recharge faster and handle colder temperatures. The typical Odyssey battery lasts up to 12 years! Sure, they are a little more expensive, and they are heavier than traditional batteries. But I know that I won’t have to replace it for many years, and Maggie will always start up with no problems, even on the coldest mornings.